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Bindu Menon’s journey to becoming a career counsellor has been anything less than extraordinary. She is a Bachelor of Science from Mumbai University and a certified Global Career Counsellor by UCLA Extention and Univariety. She has specialized in overseas admission and student profile building. She worked in the administration and operations department for 8 years, helping her in developing various core life skills such as time management, problem-solving, organising, and communication.

She aims to be a person who moulds herself to be an expert in career guidance and help students to choose the right and best career for themselves. She believes it is important for future generations to recognise, embrace and pursue their dreams.

Menon Global Careers was started to counsel school students. To recognise their dreams and aspirations, and help them choose the right career. With a belief that children identify their interests and capabilities in school, she wishes to guide students to be the best in whatever they wish to do.

By being patient, listening, observant and non-judgemental, Menon Global Careers and its team is flexible, and always willing to learn more. We will help you create a plan for your future and suggest steps to achieve those goals.

Our Core Services Are :

  • Career and Educational counselling

  • Psychometric test

  • Stream selection

  • Overseas Admission and Profile Building